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ROCK ON!!!!! \m/


I’m sitting here, listening to Ozzy, and all I can think… “man this is incredible!!”. Ozzy’s new album is a masterpiece of incredible proportions. You might expect him to be stuck in the age of black sabbath style Hard Rock, yet he somehow managed to mix in something new, something intagible and yet, something completly mesmerising. I can’t get enough of it! Its strong heavy rythms, powerful choruses, and smashing riffs.
All thumbs up!!
Truly, Ozzy… You have surpassed yourself!!


Joe Lynn Turner is definetly one of the greatest and of course powerful vocalist of classic rock. Well… with a track record with such bands as Deep Purple, Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen it should come as no suprise. His latest release with Sunstorm is another one of stunning displays of talent. A true example of melodic rock. Each song is jewel… treasure them!

On May 16, 2010, the world lost one of its greatest rock singers of all time. Ronnie James Dio. Master of The Moon is his last studio album from his own band “Dio”. This album feautures his trademark heavy metal riffs and of course, his stunning vocal displays. Mix them together and you get this smashing album. Definetly a must have.
Dio… wherever you are, Rock on! \m/

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